Fly Fishing in Colorado

Fly Fishing in Colorado – The Best Fly Fishing in Colorado

Fly Fishing in Colorado – The Best Fly Fishing in Colorado

Fly Fishing in Colorado – Where is the Best Fly Fishing in ColoradoFly Fishing in Colorado

When looking for fly fishing in Colorado, people will discover that some of the finest can be found within the United States, specifically Colorado fly fishing. This one state has built such a strong reputation for fly fishing that it is generally the first state people think of. For anyone interested in fishing for the largest and best, fly fishing Colorado is known for offering some of the finest places around.

One of the best places for fly fishing in Colorado is a place called the Frying Pan River located not far from the beautiful city of Aspen. In addition to being gorgeous, gaining access to the river is a breeze. Many people come from near and far to fish for cutthroat, rainbow, and brown trout. In fact, hatches are happening all year long, which means for fishing enthusiasts, fly fishing can be done any time. Of course, there are many wonderful places in Colorado fly fishing, another in the same Aspen region known as the Roaring Fork. What makes this particular area so different is that the river offers calm, peaceful areas as well as large, heavier flowing waters. This river is known for having incredible wild trout and to reach it, the Rio Grande Trail leads right down to the water’s edge. Fishing at Roaring Fork is also a place where year-round trout fishing is available, just as with the Frying Pan River. At Roaring Fork, the waters offer rainbow trout primarily although catching an occasional wild brook trout is also possible.  Always check the Colorado fly fishing report for area fly Colorado fly fishing details.

Fly Fishing in Colorado – Where is the Best Fly Fishing in Colorado

Many years ago, pioneers traveling in areas of the West would use the North Platte River to their advantage. This river was a place where buffalo would go to drink, allowing Indians the chance to hunt, along with fish, which is one of the ways in which fly fishing Colorado became known. In this part of Northwestern Colorado, experts actually rate the river as being excellent. However, the trout fished in the North Platte River and its mesmerizing scenery is what most people enjoy most.

Fly Fishing in ColoradoFly Fishing in Colorado and the Colorado River

Then, people heading to the region where Vail is located can also fish the Colorado River, which flows through the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. What makes this river so amazing is its vast depth and width, but also the gentle waters. All along the shoreline are cottonwood trees, which provide shade and great places for brown trout to hide. Because of this, trout in the Colorado River are in abundance.  Heading to the Southwestern part of Colorado people will find the Arkansas River, another outstanding location for fly fishing in Colorado. In fact, the two best times of year to fish this river are in the spring and mid-winter months. One of the special times to fish is around Mother’s Day, when the yearly caddis hatches. What happens is that the caddis provides ample food for the brown trout, meaning they leave their hidden places, becoming easier to catch. Throughout the state of Colorado are many incredible fly fishing in Colorado spots with these being just a few. The fishing is the best in the country, not to mention the breathtaking countryside. To complete any fishing trip, people can stay in wonderful accommodations located throughout the state. Without doubt, fly fishing Colorado is an experience of a lifetime, especially in Colorado where there are so many adventures.

Fly Fishing in Colorado and the Arapahoe National Recreation AreaFly Fishing in Colorado

Some of the places to fish in Colorado are: Arapaho National Recreation Area, located near Granby, Colorado. This recreation area includes Lake Granby, where you can catch Rainbow, Brown and Lake Trout and Konkanee Salmon, Willow Creek Reservoir, where the best fish to catch are Rainbow and Brook Trout, and Shadow Mountain Lake, best known for Rainbow and Brown Trout through July, and Kokanee Salmon later in the summer. Another place to fish in the Arapaho National Recreation Area is Grand Lake, which is considered one of the best lake trout fisheries in the state with fish caught weighing 20 pounds or more. Rainbow and Brown Trout and Kokanee Salmon can be fished for in this lake. Rainbow fishing is best in the spring. Another good place to fish is Blue Mesa Reservoir, located near Gunnison, Colorado. You can catch Rainbow Trout, Kokanee Salmon, Brown Trout and Mackinaw here. Another great place to Colorado fly fishing is Eleven Mile State Park, and Eleven Mile Reservoir. It is located west of Colorado Springs, Colorado. A fisherman can catch Brown, Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout, Mackinaw, Kokanee Salmon and Northern Pike at this reservoir. Another great place to fish in Colorado is Spinney Mountain State Park, located near Eleven Mile Reservoir, also west of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Species of fish that can be caught here are Rainbow, Cutthroat and Brown Trout and Northern Pike. Another place to catch Rainbow Trout, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Wipers, Walleye and Perch is Horse tooth Reservoir, located northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado. If you are interested in finding out more places to fish in Colorado, call your local library or outdoor recreation stores, such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Gander Mountain, or other similar outdoor stores. Ask either the library or your local outdoor store if they have a book called fly fishing in Colorado on Lakes and Reservoirs. You can find out more information on fly fishing in Colorado at CDW. Fishing information to find actual Colorado fly fishing guides for fly fishing in Colorado, so you can get them to show you how to really fly fish, if you are a beginner or novice, go to fly fishing Colorado sites for more Colorado fly fishing guides information on trout fishing.

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