Fishing Tips That Will Make Trout Fishing Easy and Fun

Whether you are a pro at trout fishing or an amateur at it, every fly fisherman will learn new tricks with experience with a few fly fishing tips.Fishing Tips – Trout is an activity that is perfected with practice.s highly popular in the whole of United States with several species [...]

Fly Fishing Techniques | Fly Fishing Techniques using Wet or Dry Flies

Fly Fishing Techniques When it comes to fly fishing techniques, many fishermen have questions about the various options available. Two of those options include Dry Fly-Fishing and Wet Fly Fishing. These terms refer to whether or not the fly actually gets wet or not. Dry provides the most popular view of fishing and it [...]

Fly Fishing Tips from Ken’s Anglers

Fly Fishing Tips Fly Fishing is fast becoming a popular sport all over the world and it is relaxing, and very rewarding sport fishing in many different ways. When reading this article you will get basic information and knowledge about fly fishing tips, fly fishing basics, fishing tips, and fly fishing videos. It has [...]

Colorado Trout | Appetites for Colorado Trout

Colorado Trout Back in the late 1880’s, when many of our grandparents were making their way to America, other immigrants was also finding regions and parts of this country to call home and fish for Colorado trout. Coming from Europe and western Asia, the brown trout has now established itself throughout America’s lakes and [...]

Fly Fishing and Casting | Fly Fishing Instruction

Fly Fishing and Casting – What’s going on behind your Head or Back As a guide and while fly fishing and casting, I always get asked by the novice or experienced fly fishing angler, I want you to teach me how to cast or improve my casting.  I also get asked can you give [...]

Streamer Techniques for Catching Trout

Streamer Techniques for Catching Trout A streamer can be presented in several ways – from pounding the banks, to slow and deep strips, long strips, short strips, strip-strip-pause, mend & twitch, dead-drift and swing. All the above mentioned techniques can easily be learnt during your fly fishing lessons. These techniques can be used to [...]

Fly Fishing Nymphs, Indicators and Weights

Fly fishing nymphs Nymphing Let’s face it. Fly fishing nymphs isn’t the most glamorous form of fly fishing patterns. I often refer to it as bait fishing with a fly rod, especially when you find yourself with a San Juan Worm, an indicator (yeah it’s a bobber) and lead hanging off the end of [...]