How Your Business Can Benefit From a Fly Fishing Trip

Corporate fly fishing trips are a great option for business team bonding events, and many tip it is the hottest ticket for 2015.
It’s time for your team to retire their business suits for a while and surround themselves with unforgettable and breathtaking nature, as well as some adrenaline-pumping action of the kind that can give new meaning to their lives.

Our team at Ken’s Anglers has years of professional experience as anglers and guides, endless adventures – and no fishing tales! Well, maybe just a few.

Many companies organize outings for their employees, partners and teams, to help everyone relax and bond, but the usual fare comes down to a few drinks at a bar, a meal or two and an activity along the lines of paintball. Nothing wrong with that, of course. But it is kind of same-old same-old, isn’t it?

Corporate Trips Like Never Before

Well organized corporate fly fishing trips are a few levels of fun above that, and with room to spare! The experienced as well as the freshly-baked anglers become one with nature in no time at all, tapping into inexplicable and powerful emotions, and they don’t merely enjoy the sport – they just love the suspense, the physical fun, the lighthearted battle of wits with the cunning inhabitants of rivers and lakes who remain invisible until they’ve hooked one!
The awe-inspiring scenery, the serenity of the surroundings, the camaraderie – are not merely unforgettable. They are inspiring, character building and friendship-cementing.

And just think about it. How exciting is paintball anyway? Or how stimulating are the stays at the, yawn, luxury resorts? Or how fascinating is spoiling a good walk with a few rounds of golf? Theater? Holiday parties? Tickets to sporting events? How done to death are all those and how… boring!

Fly Fishing Tours Are The New Hot Trend

This is where corporate fly fishing trips come in and where Ken’s Anglers excels. You will not merely be able to impress the heck out of everyone, but you’ll get that extra bit of value, attention and thrill that typical business events simply cannot match.

We at Ken’s Anglers organize lots of corporate fly fishing trips each year. The feedback we always get from our clients is nothing short of fantastic, with people visibly moved, telling us about their personal benefits and experiences, the increased bonds it created between their business team-mates and friends – as well as their key clients.

Corporate fly fishing trips are consistently rated by our clients as the number one best leisure activity they ever experienced. But among the variety of corporate fly fishing trips, the one consistent stand-out is fly fishing in Colorado. There’s something about this place which you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. It’s nothing short of magic – and it’s the kind of magic your company will love.

Corporate Holidays With A Difference

Corporate fly fishing trips are a fantastic way to reward your team or to solidify a business deal with a client; taking in stunning lakeside and mountain views, enjoying Mother Nature as its best and the challenge of fishing itself.

Nothing says that you care about your team and your clients as much as organizing an intelligent, original friendship-building endeavor. And a fly fishing trip like we organize at Ken’s Anglers, is a prime example of just such an activity.
Your team and clients alike will love that you have gone the extra mile to create an extra element of trust, friendship and rapport. Your corporate fly fishing trip will be the one event everyone will want to do over and over again. Meanwhile, your business will reap the rewards of this bonding in the short and long term.


Key takeaways: How corporate fly fishing trips can benefit your business?

  • A fly fishing trip, either for a day or for a more extended period of time, is a great way to strengthen and promote long-lasting relationships between clients, colleagues and/or employees.
  • A day of fly fishing can provide huge relief from stress in a beautiful, relaxed setting.
  • Everyone can participate in fly fishing, no matter if they are novices or experienced anglers, men or women, young or old.
  • Often, spending a day fly fishing with a client can help to close a deal.
  • Some people don’t like to play golf! (really, it’s true).
  • We fish in gorgeous, wild country. When people are in inspiring surroundings, they begin to relax and think differently.
  • Many corporations have learned to think “out of the box.” They know that a great way to build team spirit is to do something meaningful and fun together away from the workplace.
  • Fly fishing is not competitive and it’s fun! After a day on the river, issues that seemed massive tend to shrink in size and become more manageable.
  • In almost 100% of the cases, the cost of a corporate fly fishing trip can be totally written off as a business expense.

Ken’s Anglers are seasoned guides and anglers with years of experience in organizing corporate fly fishing trips and you can be assured that you will be in safe hands whatever your requirements may be.

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