Fishing trout is a very enjoyable species of fish to spend your time trying to catch.  In this article, I’m going to discuss some trout fishing tips that should help you catch more trout.  When I speak of fishing trout, I’m referring to the basic trout species that can be found throughout the United States and Colorado.

Fishing Trout Species

These species would include:  Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat, Bull Trout and during later in the year Salmon fishing.  Although there are variations in temperament, colors, and size within these groups of trout, the methods for trying to catch them are similar.  Below are some general trout fishing tips to help you catch more of any or all of the species listed above, especially in river and stream situations. Size Matters – When it comes to Rainbow trout fly fishing, the size of your gear and flies matter.  In most trout fishing situations, ultra light to light gear and flies is the way to go.  I personally use a 9 foot 5 weight rod and reels spooled with all of my trout fishing, and catch large trout on a setup just like this.

Fishing Trout in Rivers and Streams

In river and stream situations when the angler is wading in an attempt to catch fish, the color of your clothing matters.  Loud colors or even plain white, stand out and the fish will be able to see you.  I always wear drab colors to blend in with the background as much as possible.  Fishing trout in rivers and streams can become very wary of anglers, so not standing out works to the anglers’ advantage.  All varieties of trout have a very sensitive sense of smell and can detect unnatural odors.  Presentation Matters – Trout are a very intelligent species of fish.  Whatever flies you chose to use must be presented in the guide most natural way possible.   This is especially true with nymphs.  You want your nymphs to look as natural as possible.  This is why I use a set of pre-tied bead head nymphs, because they enable me to present my nymphs in an amazingly natural way.  With trout in a river or stream situation, presentation matters as much as any other single aspect. If you begin using these tips, you will start catching more trout.  Actually, all I can promise is that you will get more bites, the setting of the hook, and actually fighting the trout, are in your hands.  These tips will definitely help you get more bites, which is really what we’re all in search of.  Again you should always study a trout fishing guide to get further information on fishing trout for the best fly fishing.