I’ve put together a few of my favorite patterns that I use during the winter.  I’ve used on the Dream Stream, Arkansas River and just recently on Elevenmile Canyon.  Hope this will take some of the guess work out of what flies you should use.

RS2’s  Gray, Black or Olive – #20-22
Zebra Midge Wine, Brown, Red, Black, Gray or Olive – #16-24
Disco Midge UV, Pearl, Red, Black – #18-22
Jujubee Midge, Gray or Black – #20-22
Brassie Two Tone – #16-22
Barr’s Emerger Flashback – #20-24
Biot Body Midge Emerger – #20-22
Ray Charles, Gray or Brown – #20

Successful Colorado winter fly fishing can be measured in more ways than how many fish you catch. Just getting out on the water when there is snow on the ground and no else is fishing has to leave anyone with a sense of accomplishment. I love the feeling of walking to a prime winter spot after a snowstorm and seeing that I am the only set of tracks going to that spot. Cooler temps also allow for excellent trout fishing in urban river areas such as the Ark through Pueblo and the South Platte through Denver!

At Ken’s Anglers, I hope that you can find use out of the flies listed above to fish during the winter in Colorado. Please feel free to use this guide of Flies I have used!