Fly Fishing Gifts

Probably the most important thing to understand about selecting suitable fly fishing gifts is that it is first and foremost a question of personal choice. It is you who will be using the fly rod, fly fishing reels, fly fishing line et cetera for months and hopefully years to come so it is imperative that you are completely satisfied with your purchase for fly fishing products. While it is advisable to listen to others prior to selection, do not be unduly swayed by the opinion of “experts’ in your decision making. Having said that, let’s consider a few of the common sense basics we need to take into account when buying fly fishing supplies. Fly rods is the first thing to consider when deciding which rod is suitable for you is what type of fly fishing are you planning to do. There are major differences in a rod you would select to fish a small brook and a rod you would select to fish a 450 acre reservoir. A brook trout rod may be a little 4 weight item whereas to fish a much larger water or lake you will probably need a 5 or 6 weight rod. Basically, the heavier the number the rod is classified with, the heavier it is, the heavier line it can carry and the bigger the fish it can potentially handle. If you are unfamiliar with the AFTM (Association of Fishing Tackle Manufacturers) system of classifying fly rods I strongly suggest you take a little time to look at it; this will be time well spent and help you have a better understanding of fly fishing gear in general.

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Fly fishing reels okay, we have decided what type of fly fishing we are going to do and have a pretty good idea of the rod weight we are going to need (now we are getting somewhere). The major consideration for the reel is that it must be matched to the rod. Also consider fly fishing waders for either walk and wade trips or even fly fishing float trips. Waders may come in handy if you stop on a gravel bar and want to try areas that you can walk to fly fish. It is no good having a huge fly reel designed for heavy weight fly fishing at sea matched with a rod suitable for catching small brook trout! These days you can choose between a metal/ alloy reel (some are very fine pieces of workmanship indeed) and a carbon fiber reel. A carbon fiber reel is normally lighter than its metal counterpart but the choice is entirely up to you depending on your preference and, of course, your pocket. Tip: buy a reel with a large arbor that is the spool that holds you line and remember not to wind your line on too tightly. The reason for this is that a fly line will take on “memory” when it is stored on a reel and the bigger the arbor of the reel, the less trouble you will have with line memory.

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Fly fishing line as with the rod and reel, this item of fly fishing gear must be matched for balance and just like the rod and reel, fly lines are classified using the AFTM system. The lines you choose will, again, depend upon the type of fly fishing you aim to tackle and eventually you may have several different lines in you box. Start with a floating line and explore the other options later. That is a brief overview of fly fishing products you are likely to encounter at the outset. As always, buy fly fishing gifts that suits you and that you are happy with before you set out for the day of fly fishing.