Platte | Platte River a World Class Fishery


Platte River

The Platte River is a world-class fishery, offering some of the finest tail water fishing in the state. The Platte has it all; proximity to Denver, lots of big fish, consistent insect hatches and beautiful scenery. Although it doesn’t have the best whitewater opportunities, there are definitely possibilities and the lack of boaters only makes the fishing better. The Platte River fly fishing offers many and varied fishing opportunities. The Cheesman Canyon has crystal clear water and wild rainbow and brown trout.

Platte RiverPlatte and South Platte an Anglers Dream

This section of the South Platte fishing holds approximately 5,200 trout per mile that average 12-15 inches in length. These fish are eager yet selective. Though at times difficult, this section can also produce days that fly fishers dream about. Fish this section year-round. Check spring water flows: it is best between 150 and 250 c.f.s., flows above 500 c.f.s. make fly fishing difficult. Downstream from Cheesman Canyon fisherman can enjoy another incredible section of the South Platte River. From the Wigwam Club to Trumbull there are usually about 7,000 rainbow trout per mile in a very picturesque setting. This section fishes well year-round, although very cold spells in winter can slow the fishing. The South Park section of the Platte River fly fishing is characterized by oxbows.

Platte RiverThe Platte and Gold Medal Waters

There are over 50 miles of public access to this Gold Medal water for South Platte River fishing. This section holds brown trout up to ten pounds that migrate here for the summer. During the summer the many hatches often provide excellent surface fishing. Above Spinney Reservoir fish April to mid-October. Rainbows and cutthroats from Spinney Reservoir to Elevenmile Canyon spawn from April-May. Browns migrate from Spinney Reservoir from July – September. Fish below the reservoir year round. Heavy runoff above the reservoir mid-May to June all but eliminates the South Platte River fly fishing. The South Platte River is situated in mountainous altitude. Anglers coming from lower elevations should be aware that time is needed to adjust to the higher elevations. Warmer days and cool to freezing nights can be expected in the mountains during the summer. July and August are usually the warmest months. During this time afternoon thunderstorms are common. Be prepared for both warm and chilly weather, as well as for rain showers. Excellent fishing opportunities can be found throughout the state and especially the Platte River in Decker’s.