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Colorado Trout | Appetites for Colorado Trout

Colorado Trout Back in the late 1880’s, when many of our grandparents were making their way to America, other immigrants was also finding regions and parts of this country to call home and fish for Colorado trout. Coming from Europe and western Asia, the brown trout has now established itself throughout America’s lakes and [...]

Best Fly Fishing Experience | Colorado Fly Fishing

Colorado is considered to be the world’s favorite destination for fly fishing and the best fly fishing experience. Fly fishing in Colorado offers a great way to spend some relaxing time by the Colorado waters. The best fly fishing experience area in Colorado is near Granby, which is in the National Recreation Area of [...]

Colorado Trout Species | Gold Medal Colorado Trout

Gold Medal Colorado Trout Species Colorado has some of the best trout fishing in the world! Let's talk about Colorado Trout Species: Fly fishing is one of the greatest sports one can indulge in, especially in a state with such incredible trophy trout fishing. Of course, before you go fishing for Colorado trout, you [...]