Trout Fishing

Fly Fishing Tips from Ken’s Anglers

Fly Fishing Tips Fly Fishing is fast becoming a popular sport all over the world and it is relaxing, and very rewarding sport fishing in many different ways. When reading this article you will get basic information and knowledge about fly fishing tips, fly fishing basics, fishing tips, and fly fishing videos. It has [...]

Colorado Trout | Appetites for Colorado Trout

Colorado Trout Back in the late 1880’s, when many of our grandparents were making their way to America, other immigrants was also finding regions and parts of this country to call home and fish for Colorado trout. Coming from Europe and western Asia, the brown trout has now established itself throughout America’s lakes and [...]

Streamer Techniques for Catching Trout

Streamer Techniques for Catching Trout A streamer can be presented in several ways – from pounding the banks, to slow and deep strips, long strips, short strips, strip-strip-pause, mend & twitch, dead-drift and swing. All the above mentioned techniques can easily be learnt during your fly fishing lessons. These techniques can be used to [...]

Fly Fishing Guides | Catch More Fish with Fly Fishing Guides

Fly Fishing Guides - Catch More Fish with Fly Fishing Guides Each and every one who is into fishing obviously wants to catch more fish or at a minimum experience the use of fly fishing guides. Many individuals that live in Colorado and try fly fishing in Denver spend the whole day in the water and [...]

Fly Fishing Trips – Taking a Guided Tour

There are several seasoned fly fishermen who like to spend a fly fishing holiday at the Colorado rivers. While it is true that Colorado river fishing can seem to be a simple, fun filled vacation for many who are seasoned anglers, guided fly fishing trips are often recommended. You might be a seasoned angler and [...]

Fly Fishing Tips For Beginners from a Fishing Guide

Fly Fishing Tips For Beginners Those guys on TV make fly fishing look easy and fun, and it is, once you get the hang of it.  You need to learn how to cast and where to fish but, like anything else, the obvious steps are easy to learn.  It’s the minor details that really [...]

Rainbow Trout in North America (Littleton, Colorado)

North America, one of the most serine places in the world, is also quite popular for fly fishing. The trout, mostly found in the rivers and streams of North America is considered to be a great catch. The Rainbow trout are not only beautiful but also very tasty. Moreover, they are also a great fun [...]

Fly Fishing Colorado Brook Trout in the Front Range

Fly fishing Colorado brook trout in the front range are a very enjoyable species of fish to spend your time trying to catch.  In this article, I’m going to discuss some trout fishing tips that should help you catch more trout.  When I speak of fishing trout, I’m referring to the basic trout species that can [...]