Trophy Trout Fishing

If you are interested in trophy trout fishing, you will want to try some of the great fly fishing rivers located throughout the world. One great state in which to find these locations is in Colorado. Many find that this is one of the best places to fish with its various recreational activities and beautiful scenery. Colorado Rivers are not visited very often from those who do not live in the state because the quality of trout fishing is below that of other locations. However, you would be surprised at the pleasant experience of the trophy trout fishing here.

Trophy Trout FishingTrophy Trout Fishing in Central Colorado

Fly fishing spots in central Colorado are very long and flow through an isolated and remote countryside. These locations often begin high in the mountains and then spill out onto the prairie. Some of the many rivers you will encounter in Colorado are the Dream Stream, Cheeseman Canyon and Elevenmile Canyon. The quality at these different trout fly fishing rivers will vary considerably. You will find that the best place to catch trout is near the mountains. A visit to the central Colorado Rivers would definitely be worth the trip. Another place to find great fly fishing rivers is in the high mountains of Colorado. Here you will find some of Colorado most famous rivers such as the Platte, Colorado, Blue and Arkansas.  Here you will find natural trout streams. Many of these fly fishing locations are close together which allows for short drives between rivers. This means that you will have more time to visit the various rivers, which is not the case with locations such as central Colorado.

Trophy Trout FishingTrophy Trout Fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout and large brown trophy trout fishing are abundant in Colorado Rivers and you will not regret a visit here. The water is frequently to warm to be a good habitat for the trout. However, there are a number of warm water species in rivers such as the lower Platte River. You can look forward to catching other types of fish such as the big walleye, small mouth bass, and carp. While there may be other fly fishing rivers throughout the state that are more beautiful, Western Colorado  rivers can be quite breathtaking in the fall. A trip here is very unique with its wildlife and rich history. The Western Colorado Rivers have some of the most beautiful scenery of all. You will find wild trout in these wild rivers. Because some of the Colorado Rivers often have pressure that is low compared to other fly fishing rivers, they are often overlooked. However, there are a lot of other trophy trout fishing opportunities in Colorado that make it worth a visit.