The following are some of the guides available at Ken’s Anglers for guided trips. We also have part time guides available who are not listed here.

For more information about our guides and guided trips, please give us at (303) 501-5247, or e-mail us at: [email protected]

Ken Robak
Ken RobakOwner/Guide

I am a self-taught fly fisherman who grew up under the bright lights of the big city, Chicago. Now living in Colorado the last twenty plus years fly fishing has been more to me than just a weekend hobby. The sport has become the staple that most my life revolves around, now that I’m retired. I have for the past several years been a fly fishing owner/guide (Utah and Colorado) for private clients and teaching classes. Fly fishing for wild trout in Colorado’s rivers, streams and creeks is what I enjoy the most. I like being able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a day to explore the breathtaking river scenery. The grace of fly fishing is something that I have always loved. The simple fact that you have a chance of hooking into a trophy trout is just icing on the cake to enjoying the wilderness and meeting new clients.

Daniel Guaydacan
Daniel GuaydacanGuide

I moved to Colorado in 2002. On a warm August day in 2003, I backpacked and camped at Lake Verna in Rocky National Park with my friend Seth. Seth grew up fly fishing with his dad in Montana. After we set up camp, Seth began to wrangle in high alpine lake brook trout on a fly rod. I asked if I could give fishing a try and caught my first fish on a fly rod. Down the rabbit hole I went. When we returned to Denver, I immediately went to Gart Sports and bought my first fly rod. After a few years of extensive reading and much trial and error, I began to feel confident on the South Platte drainage. Deckers and Cheesman Canyon can be very humbling stretches of water. After about a decade of fly fishing, I decided to give guiding a try. I found that putting clients on fish was just as much fun as catching them myself. I have guided on Denver’s front range waters the past few years.The thrill and excitement of catching trout on a fly rod remains as exciting as it was on that first day at Lake Verna.

Celia Dunlap
Celia DunlapGuide

Celia is passionate about fly fishing and likes sharing her love of the sport with others. She travels and camps all around the state fly fishing and ties her own flies.

kellen tanner

Kellen Tanner

I have been in Colorado for 24 years now and truly enjoy exploring all that the state has to offer, especially with a fly rod in hand. Fly fishing had only been something that I dabbled in during my youth, jumping from creek to creek throughout the mountains of Wyoming, to landing my first 18″ Brown on a Royal Wulff dry fly during our first summer in Colorado. I did not understand that those moments would come around full circle until June 2017. I was several years into my battle with Lyme Disease that I contracted from a tick bite in 2013.

While clearing out the garage I came across my old fly rod and a dusty box of flies. Fly fishing was calling once again. It took several trips to Decker’s before I was able to push the mental fear aside and take on the outdoors again. The freedom that came from taking that first step down a well-worn path through the lush green willows was priceless. Later on, that day I hooked into my first Decker’s Brown on a Royal Wulff dry fly. It was a gift from the outdoors. The mental traps of being a chronically ill individual washed away immediately after releasing that Brown back to its home. Ever since, I’ve dedicated myself to refining my own personal fly-fishing skills to share with my kids and others. Guiding offers the opportunity to show others firsthand the unlimited benefits that come with the sport of fly fishing.